Friday, March 26, 2010

Susette Grace Kane

I never knew Susie before her stroke but there are a lot of stories I have heard about her.

Playing cards with George and Judy on the weekends while the kids played out in the barn.

Canasta with Bob and Sue, her Reno trip with Bruce and Rose, cousin’s night with Skip and Sandy celebrating birthdays and just plain fun.

Snowmobiling up in Door County with Keith Kenny, Gail and Grandpa Bud.

All the tractor shows and being the queen of mini bales.

She was a devoted long time friend. Gilnis can attest to that I can’t even remember who my best friend was in the 1st grade and that was only a couple of years ago.

She like to have fun too, theme new year’s eve parties, camping with the cousin’s, cookouts with some of the neighbors and wheel barrel rides with Keith.

Then there was her love of animals honcho, buffy, bunny, bows, angel, pie wack it, mz. tiffany, chichi and who could forget the raccoon and squirrels she let Ken try to domesticate.

I think of all the things that Suzie missed was being unable the hold and rock her grandchildren. And tell them how much she loved them.

Joshua loved to be rocked. Many times she would get him ready in jammies, and rocked him until he fell asleep in her arms. Countless times she held him and comforted him when he had a booboo or was frightened. So many days that he sat in her lap playing with his hair while she read him a book. In only the ways that a grandmother could.

In her heart she was very happy to have Hailie and I join the family but still she could not reach out and welcome us with hugs. She could never tell me word for word how it brought joy to her knowing how much I loved Keith and Josh.

And when Ryan was born she could not come to the hospital and hold him that very day and count his fingers and toes. When we came home from the hospital we went straight to their house and laid him on her chest and even though she was happy I could see the pain in her heart that she could not wrap her arms around him and rock him until he slept soundly against her chest listening to her heart beat.

Last Monday when it was evident that it was her time to go home with Jesus, I asked for a favor of her once she had gone. Ryan still is not sleeping thru the night and we think it is because he loves to snuggle wants to be held. So I asked if Susie would snuggle with him at night so he would sleep all night. She looked so happy and eagerly agreed.

One day soon Keith and I hope to adopt a child too. When that time comes we know that Jesus along with Susie will guide us in being connected with the child that will need us the most. And she will again return to hold and comfort them too.

So of all the things to look forward to when her life on this earth in this confined body was over it is the possibility of holding her grandchildren once again and for the first time.

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