Sunday, February 12, 2012

100 Ways to make your Marriage Rock

Found this posted my a friend on Facebook. I made a copy to hang on my office wall to remember each day. I say you can pick and choose to do what makes you and your partner comfortable. If you want to see the original or join in on the conversation regarding #20 and #21 check it out at

1. Write him letters
2. Go on regular date nights
3. Write his name on lipstick on the bathroom mirror
4. Revitalize the romance with intimate dates
5. Pray together
6. Hide notes in secret places
7. Go to bed at the same time
8. Listen to music together-share earbuds
9. Send him on a scavenger hunt in the house
10. Buy him gifts he will love
11. Hide a treat in his glovebox or desk at work
12. Read the Bible together
13. Wear shirts that tell the world you love your spouse
14. Praise your spouse to other people
15. Let them overhear you
16. Read a marriage devotional
17. Porn-proof your home
18. Be best friends
19. Sleep in his t-shirts
20. Look to him to make the big decisions * see below
21. Let her make the small ones
22. Don’t nag him
23. Put down the seat, pick up your socks for her
24. Renew your vows privately with whispers and memories
25. Renew them publicly with cake and bubbly
26. Fight naked
27. Tell him you like him
28. Receive his compliments
29. Pick your battles
30. Show her you love her and tell him you respect him
31. Go away together at least once a year
32. Frame your wedding vows
33. Her: Read For Women Only
34. Hang pictures of the two of you around your house
35. Kiss in front of your kids
36. Make his favorite dessert
37. Have pictures of just the two of you made
38. Make sex a priority
39. Spend time apart occasionally
40. Learn to enjoy something he loves
41. Surprise each other
42. Meet him at the door
43. Dreamstorm
44. Text each other from across the room
45. Be accountable to each other
46. Set reminders on your phone to remember him/her throughout the week
47. Call him right now and tell him you appreciate him
48. Be affectionate
49. Him: Read For Men Only
50. Leave work and come home early
51. Wash, vacuum her car. Keep it full of gas.
52. Give each other romantic coupons
53. Engage every day in meaningful conversation
54. Compliment each other
55. Touch your spouse several times throughout the day
56. Take one day a month to make your spouse your total focus
57. Let each other sleep in
58. Be spontaneous!
59. Argue fair: avoid these words “you always” and “you never”
60. Kiss every day
61. Find tangible ways to serve your mate without complaining
62. Forgive quickly
63. Be honest.
64. But not hurtful
65. Get on the same page: plan your budget together
66. Look your best as often as you can
67. Guard your marriage
68. Get out of debt (and stay out)
69. Laugh together
70. Have a date night in
71. When your together-BE TOGETHER (take a break from phones, technology, etc)
72. Talk about your favorite memories together
73. Tell him he’s sexy just because
74. Tell her she’s pretty, especially when she’s not feeling it
75. Make him breakfast in bed
76. Do her chores for her
77. Get a couple’s massage or host your own privately
78. Read a book out loud together
79. Dance together-soft music (alone) or rocking music with the kids
80. Bring her/him a favorite drink during the middle of the day
81. Exercise together-hikes, bike riding, etc
82. Choose not to be annoyed by an irritating behavior/disappointment
83. Tell him a secret he doesn’t know about you
84. Thank your spouse just because, often
85. Sit on the same side of a booth at a restaurant
86. Lay in bed together and stare into each other eyes, without talking
87. Learn something new together-take an art class, cooking lessons, etc
88. Leave a sweet comment on the Facebook wall
89. Teach your kids about marriage
90. Stop what you’re doing, look them in the eye and listen to their answer
91. Create art together
92. Support each other’s goals
93. Know when to talk and when to hush
94. Consider counseling (even if there’s not conflict)
95. Doodle his name
96. Bring her flowers (even when she says they are too expensive)
97. Wear something he loves
98. Share furniture-sit in his lap
99. Fight for your marriage
100. Remember your spouse rocks-even when they don’t
*I included the “small, big decisions” because my pastor taught about marriage and he was referring to decisions you are hung on… Don’t let those standstills cause serious conflict and even divorce. If it’s a small decision like paint color or home decor or preschool, etc, yield to her. If its big, like a new career, move, yield to him. This advice was more for the husbands..don’t engage over little things. And of course, most decisions you make in marriage are or should be decided together, but don’t have a war over a decision. Of course, this is my opinion. Feel free to disagree.
And yes, I should have put don’t nag each other. I was writing from personal experience there and my hubby never nags me!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo A Day Feb 11 and 1

While finally checking out the newest rave website Pintrest I found the Photo A Day Challenge. For the entire year you are challenged to take one theame picture a day. Google Instagram Photo A Day there will be returns with all diffrent blogs facebook and twitter accounts all partcipating you can also find the months list of things for each day. This months list was done by Fat Mum Slim who can be found here or Twitter @fatmumslim.
This is so cool I read an article last year on Mental Floss He Took a Polaroid Everyday Until he Died The photographer Jamie Livingston took one picture a day some funny some interesting some very sad as his health was declining. I loved the idea but soon forgot until last night. I was so excited I printed out the list and January's too hoping to back track the time I missed as I move forward.
At the end of each month I hope to print out a collage to hang on the wall and at the years end I hope to scrapbook the whole project. I think it is a great way to document everyday life from a diffrent angle.

So here are my pictures for today.

Feburary 11 2012
Makes you happy. After 2pm a coke and cup of Ice makes me happy and re-energized.

Because I am also back tracking
February 1 2012
your view today. My kitchen I am cooking for the Soup contest tomorrow at church and meatloaf for the community meal.

P-A-D January

Photo a day January Catch up

January 3 2012
something I adore
My three beautiful kids I have been blessed with. HKLS: RCHK: MKGK

January 28, 2012

I caught this at the right moment looking out the window of my bedroom just before bed last night.