Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo A Day Feb 11 and 1

While finally checking out the newest rave website Pintrest I found the Photo A Day Challenge. For the entire year you are challenged to take one theame picture a day. Google Instagram Photo A Day there will be returns with all diffrent blogs facebook and twitter accounts all partcipating you can also find the months list of things for each day. This months list was done by Fat Mum Slim who can be found here or Twitter @fatmumslim.
This is so cool I read an article last year on Mental Floss He Took a Polaroid Everyday Until he Died The photographer Jamie Livingston took one picture a day some funny some interesting some very sad as his health was declining. I loved the idea but soon forgot until last night. I was so excited I printed out the list and January's too hoping to back track the time I missed as I move forward.
At the end of each month I hope to print out a collage to hang on the wall and at the years end I hope to scrapbook the whole project. I think it is a great way to document everyday life from a diffrent angle.

So here are my pictures for today.

Feburary 11 2012
Makes you happy. After 2pm a coke and cup of Ice makes me happy and re-energized.

Because I am also back tracking
February 1 2012
your view today. My kitchen I am cooking for the Soup contest tomorrow at church and meatloaf for the community meal.

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