Friday, September 3, 2010

Lack of Motivation

So as I am sitting here I am fighting the urge to start snacking. I did eat a small breaskfast and only one cup of coffee but I am not truly hunger at this time. I am more or less wanting to eat because I am board. Yet at the same time I should not be board because I have so much to do (besides writing this blog lol) but I have very little motivation. Yes I am tired because my son has not been sleeping well due to teething and I think he has not adjusted to the new house yet. I believe that this is not truly reason that I have no motivation. I have struggled with this for years I have great intentions but I have a hard time to get going and follow thru. It is not sheer laziness but another daming effect or symptom of my continued struggle with depression. I hate it. Again I am having problems with my medications so I have been off of them for almost 2 months. I wish I could just get it together and stop wasting my life.

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