Monday, January 11, 2010


That is my official weight as I begin this journey. I have a lot of mixed feelings this morning, as a person who loves to cook, experiment and try new foods I think about food WAY too much. I am the definition of gluttony. I think about when is the next time I can eat, what am I going to have for lunch ?snack? dinner? I even think back how was breakfast how could I make it better. I hate that I am this way. It is one thing to think ahead on a "menu"and planning and to hopefully one day gain a career in this field but I am obsessive. I know that I should learn to control myself and I am not sure how. I need to focus on God and my family. Every time I think man I'm hungry or when is the next time I am going to eat I will say a prayer and tell someone in my family that I love them. I will also try and do something to distract myself. If I do this right my house will be completely clean and organized. :) I also need to cut back on Food network, Allrecipies, and recipiezarr. There is nothing wrong with these sites or networks and I am by no means trying to blame them in any way but the are the focus of my life which is not a good thing. I need to control myself and I WILL. Iceberg right ahead.
Please remind me when I am obsessing that I am hungry that I do not know true hunger of the body. And that I am also hungry in my soul which I need to feed more. For man cannot live on bread alone.

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