Saturday, January 30, 2010

ICEBERGE-An open letter to my sister in law

warning this is vulgar and crude read at your own risk.

You ungrateful BITCH! What the Fuck is your problem? My brother has given you everything he could on a silver platter. And this is how you “thank” him what the hell. My god he gave up everything and joined the Army and went to Iraq so you could have everything you wanted. And what do you do Fuck every man in sight. Now now that he is divorcing your sorry ass and you have realized that you no longer get his money you tell him that he is a bad father because he has not been around. HE WAS IN IRAQ you stupid whore, making money to support his daughter. I hate you I hope you get a STD that is very painful. Do us all a favor especially for your daughter give my brother full custody and disappear into a drug induced stupor that you are so infamous for. We including her will be better off. By the way I HATE YOU !!!!

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